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Turning email into letters from home

Project Write2Them is a nonprofit corporation that serves to improve the morale of new U.S. military members and their families during basic training periods. Our mission is to ensure that every recruit’s name gets called at mail call – we do this by turning emails into letters from home™.

About Our Service:

Recruits do not have access to email, smart phones, or social media during basic training, which makes it difficult for them to receive support and encouragement from loved ones back home. Family members and friends who want to stay in touch are challenged with the cost of postage and the logistics of keeping a continuous stream of letters in mail. Project Write2Them provides an easy and cost-effective way for family and friends to send letters to their recruit – all they have to do is send emails, Project Write2Them takes care of the rest.

At a time when it’s needed most, Project Write2Them is there to help families and friends provide the support and encouragement their recruits need. Additionally, a volunteer letter writing program is currently being established to support those military recruits who do not receive letters from home. Project Write2Them is dedicated to helping provide all new U.S. military members with letters of support and encouragement.

About Our Operations:

Project Write2Them is staffed by volunteers and supported by individual donations and corporate sponsors. Project Write2Them currently provides its services at a low cost to the family and no cost to the military recruits or the military service branch. With increased individual donations and corporate sponsorships, Project Write2Them hopes to offer this service at no cost to families.

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